In the account section of the website, you can now find a Personal Data section. To find this head to your account.

Under new GDPR laws, PetrolPrices account section now means you can view all of the data we hold on you in a downloadable file.

To download the data, you simply need to enter your password into the box, wait a few seconds until the button turns red and click download.

It's very important to wait a few seconds, clicking on the white box will do nothing.

Once the button has turned red, hit download and within moments a file will have begun downloading. The file will be a CSV, and you need to have a spreadsheet application, such as Excel, installed to view the file properly.

With the new section, you can also delete your account and wipe all trace of it from the system. This is different to closing the account.

To do that simply enter your password in the section that says delete your data, wait a few seconds until the button turns red and then press delete.

A pop-up will then appear asking you to confirm your change, if you are sure then press "Delete", if not press "Go back to site".

Once this is done we will no longer have a trace of any of your data and your account will be closed.
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